Turning Small Spaces Into Big Ones

We wouldn’t call this renovation a total overhaul, but it was very close. In this 1,640 square-foot home, we tackled the basement, main floor and second floor. Our biggest challenge – and success – with this project was making a relatively small main floor appear and function like a large space. Here’s what we did from one floor to the next:

Redesigned the kitchen, which included changing the plumbing and adding a large island as a new focal point.

  • Removed a corner pantry in the kitchen to increase the usable space, providing more counter and cabinet space.
  • Installed a built-in microwave to save space and maintain a clean look.
  • Patched and refinished the hardwood floor in the kitchen, matching the wood grain as we couldn’t source the original hardwood.
  • Reused the fireplace in the great room, but made it far more impressive with a split-stone wall and wood mantel.
  • Reworked the wiring in the ceiling to add pot lights, which added to the clean design.
  • Replaced the railings in the entire house on a small budget.
  • Updated the basement to appear more spacious despite its low ceiling height of 7’8”.
  • Redesigned and refreshed two bathrooms with new materials and fixtures.