Two Stories, Two Stages

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Renovating this two-storey, 1,700+ square-foot home in the Calgary community of Varsity ended up being a two-stage project. At first, we were hired to redo the basement, garage, and exterior, along with the roof. The clients were so happy with the results, they asked us back for a complete renovation of the main and second floors. Here’s what we did:

  • Turned a four-bedroom plan into a three-bedroom by converting a small bedroom into a luxurious walk-in closet and expanding the size of the master.
  • Redesigned the kitchen by removing a wall and the outdated sunshine ceiling, adding custom-built cabinetry and an island, and turning the front closet into a pantry.
  • Chose all the new fixtures and features, including flooring, tile, doors and trim, lighting, paint, etc.
  • Replaced all the plumbing and mechanical by cutting through the floor on the main. An unusual approach, but it was more effective since the basement had just been redone in stage one of the project.