Interior Renovations

Rarely is a house exactly the way you want it. The overall size may be great, but the space may not flow well. A couple of the rooms are smaller than you’d like. Or you have one massive room that would be more useful as two. Issues like these you might have learned to live with, but they’re also relatively easy fixes. Not DIY easy, but not a job that’s going to have you living in a work zone either.

We have years of experience that helps us do interior floor plan renovations quickly and well. We’re experts in interior framing; we understand the fundamentals of what’s behind the walls (plumbing, electrical, etc.) and how best to remove and move existing walls, or put up new ones. 

Or if your interior needs more of a facelift than a renovation, we can also provide you with ideas and information on the latest trends for home interior finishing. 

Our experience with interior renovations and finishing includes:

  • Bathroom removal, addition and relocation
  • Interior wall removal, addition and relocation
  • Ceiling modifications
  • Doors, trim, custom carpentry, painting, ceiling texturing, lighting, flooring and railing

Want to move a room in your house from one floor to another? Get rid of that dated sunshine ceiling? Or finally update your ensuite bathroom? Malbec Homes & Renovations can work within your budget to get your home exactly how you want it. Contact us for an estimate. 


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