What are the most popular renovations?

The most popular renovations in Calgary continue to be kitchens and bathrooms.   And the reason the kitchen is one of the most popular renovations is that it increases the resale value for your home.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone spends a great deal of time with family and friends.  In addition to updating the type and style of cabinetry, homeowners are really looking for the ‘open concept’ kitchen.  This is where the kitchen, dining and living room space are one large room, rather three separate.  This allows homeowners to define the space based on their personal needs, and it makes the main floor area large and open.  Adding a kitchen island is the #1 request when updating the kitchen.   The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the island is the hub of the kitchen.   The island is used for washing, cutting, prepping, holding, serving, leaning, sitting, and more often than not, eating.  Here is one of our amazing kitchens.  Calgary Kitchen Renovations - Barn house kitchen