Spice Up Your Calgary Bedroom with a Custom Renovation

We’re not trying to pry—and really, there are some things we don’t need or want to know—but have things been getting a little boring in your Calgary bedroom lately? Paint seems drab and dated, closets don’t seem to hold as much as they used to, lighting just doesn’t set your heart aglow?

Maybe it’s time you considered a custom bedroom makeover from the Calgary luxury experts at Malbec Homes & Renovations.

Make Your Bedroom the Envy of Calgary

A bedroom renovation can be as simple as redoing your walls and floors and removing “popcorn” ceilings, or as full-bore as changing the layout, rewiring speakers and lighting for a premium media experience, or converting an existing bedroom into something completely different that better meets you and your family’s needs.

Maybe you want a meditation room instead of a guest bedroom. Maybe you want a home gym instead of a home office, with custom nooks for all of your equipment and a layout that fits your workout’s style. Maybe you want a soundproof recording studio to encourage your son’s dream of becoming Calgary’s next great rapper without having to listen to him rap. Our home building team can make it all happen (except for the “Calgary’s next great rapper” part, of course).

Call Calgary’s Luxury Custom Home Builders Today

Malbec Homes & Renovations can handle every step of your Calgary bedroom renovation, from the first design ideas to the final lick of paint. Call us today, and the only time you’ll feel alone during your bedroom’s remodeling is when it’s done and ready for you to enjoy.