Renovation Details: The Calgary Kitchen of Your Dreams

Whether you’re feeding the whole stampede on game day or prepping a candlelit dinner just for you and your other half, you want the kitchen in your Calgary home to be functional and stylish, efficient and inviting. Knowing what you want and making it happen are two different things, though, so take a look at these three kitchen renovating tips before you begin ripping out counters and cabinets.

1. Choose Materials Carefully

Making things look the way you want is a major reason for almost any renovation, but don’t get carried away by aesthetics. There are materials available in the Calgary area and the world over that can help you achieve the look you want, with widely varying qualities and costs. Use your functional demands to narrow down material types, then look for options that catch your eye.

2. Measure Early and Often

Better yet, get professional Calgary home builders and renovators to do the measuring for you. Trust us—you want cabinets and counters built for your space, and built with precision. Anything less will noticeably detract from the look and the performance of the finished product. Avoid wasted space, ugly gaps, and unsightly overhangs by making sure your kitchen’s accoutrements are custom-built for your kitchen’s space.

3. Plumbing is All About Location, Location, Location

Decide how extensive you want your kitchen renovation to be. Leaving your sink and other kitchen appliances in their current positions can make things easier and cheaper, but if you don’t end up with the kitchen of your dreams it won’t be worth the savings. If you decide to run new plumbing, you might need permits from the City of Calgary—again, professional Calgary kitchen renovators are good folks to have on hand.