Renovating Green for Calgary Residences

Calgary residents renovate their homes for all sorts of reasons, from growing families to kids leaving the nest, adding modern touches or bringing back a sense of historical style. But there’s one thing that almost every Calgary homeowner wants to see as part of their renovation: a commitment to greener materials, greener renovation practices, and greener living in their renovated home.

Green Renovations are Good for Homeowners and Calgary as a Whole

There are plenty of reasons for going green, and all of them are good. There’s the ethical responsibility to preserve—or even improve—our environment for future generations, the satisfaction of reusing resources that someone else discarded or discounted as useless, and the cost savings when a green renovation improves your home’s efficiency and reduces your high-flying Calgary utilities bills.

It’s little surprise, then, that green building and renovating has become all the rage not just in Calgary but across Canada. More homeowners and developers are building green from the ground up, and many others are renovating existing structures with better insulation and other materials to conserve energy, changes in design to maximize sunlight and solar power, and other green touches that help everyone breathe a little easier.

If you’re toying around with a renovation idea, make sure you consider the environmental and efficiency aspects of the project itself and the finished result. The benefits of green building and renovating are easy to see, but getting there can be harder—not every handyman or construction company has a green thumb. Make sure you get the expert advice or assistance you need, and feel good about making Calgary greener for us all!