Renovate Away From the Frigid Basement Blues

Basements. They used to be the stuff of childhood fears, and even gave many grownups the willies. Dark, cold, and cobwebbed, they lurked beneath the streets of Calgary waiting to spook their next victim.

Not anymore. Calgary families have been demanding a whole lot more from their home’s basements in the past decade, and the custom renovation team at Malbec Homes & Renovations has been happy to help them. We can help you convert your drafty, unwelcoming basement to the room—or rooms—you really want, and make it far cozier than you might have thought possible.

Renovate, Insulate, and Invigorate Your Calgary Basement

If your basement is essentially a waste of space, used for a bit of storage, a few appliances, and nothing else, it might be time to put it to better use. Playrooms, media rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms and kitchens can be built during basement renovations, and they can be made to feel as finished and luxurious as any other room in the house.

Controlling the temperature in your basement is easier than you might think, too. A higher R-value insulation against the basement walls, a decent heating system, and maybe a fireplace, and your remodeled basement will be nice and warm during the Calgary winters. In the summer, your basement will stay naturally cooler than the rest of your home, giving you a nice way to duck the heat without added air conditioning costs.

Whatever you dream of your basement being, we can help you build it! Give us a call today and see how you can turn off those frigid basement blues.