Make Your Calgary Basement a Luxury Suite with a Custom Remodel

Whether it’s for guests, a live-in in-law, or even a master suite tucked away from all the noise, basement suites are a great way to create extra living space without pushing out your home’s walls and getting caught up with complex Calgary regulations. And with the luxury touch from the professionals at Malbec Homes & Renovations, you’ll never have to worry about the comfort and coziness of your basement denizens.

Renovate Away the Basement Feel

That traditional horror-film feel your basement has doesn’t need to be a part of your Calgary home, and Malbec Homes & Renovations makes it easy to banish the dank and dark. Your underground accommodations will be just as inviting as any other room in the house—maybe even more so, when we add a few luxury touches.

Imagine a bathroom and even a bedroom with heated floors, recessed lighting that gives rooms a naturally bright look, complete temperature control, and any additional add-ons you can think of (fully wired entertainment system? fully modern kitchenette? we can do that!). Most basements in Calgary are a blank canvas before a remodel, so the sky—or the ceiling—really is the limit.

Call Today, For a New Basement Tomorrow!

OK, so we can’t take you from poured concrete to palace-like luxury in a day, but the process is faster and easier than you might think! The sooner we get started the sooner you can start enjoying your new basement suite, so give us a call today!