Custom Renovations When Calgary Kids Fly the Coop

Whether it’s college or a new career that has left you with an empty nest and some extra room in your Calgary home, having a kid move out means one thing: opportunity.

Sure, you’ll miss having them around, having them to cook for, might even miss picking up the piles of laundry from their bedroom floor…sometimes. But on balance, the custom home theatre or first-class workout room or private yoga studio will be worth it, don’t you think? Whether your child lives across town or somewhere outside Calgary altogether, when they’re done with the space you’ve given them it’s free for you to renovate however you want.

Reclaim Your Calgary Home With a Custom Renovation

You could turn your suddenly-free bedroom into a simple guest room, of course, but where’s the fun in that? Let your visitors crash on the couch or stay in one of Calgary’s great hotels, and let your golden years pay off in full.

Whatever you can dream, Malbec Homes can build, whether it’s expanding a master suite, installing a sauna, or wiring and soundproofing a room for you to launch your youthful rock’n’roll dreams. It’s not just your offspring’s life that’s changing; you’ve got a whole new world of opportunities opening up in front of you, as well.

So let your imagination run wild. When you’ve settled on a few of your favorite ideas, give us a call and we’ll make sure your custom renovation runs smoothly. Think of us as part of your extended Calgary family, except instead of taking up space in your home, we’ll make it up just the way you want it.