Custom Calgary Bathroom Renovations

What would make your Calgary bathroom perfect? A rainfall shower with side sprayers for that fresh-from-the-carwash feel? A soaking tub with hydrotherapy jets and touchpad temperature control? A set of dual his-and-her commodes (hey—they exist, and we’re not here to judge)?

If you have the space, or can knock down a wall to make it, we can put all of these features and more into your custom-renovated Calgary bathroom.

Calgary’s Dream Bathrooms Start With Calgary Dreamers

Indoor plumbing has been around for a couple millennia, but the things experienced Calgary home builders are able to do with that plumbing have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the innovations of the digital age. Your bathroom renovation can be a whole lot more than swapping out tiles and sinks.

Low-energy, high efficiency floor heaters with automatic thermostats can ensure that your bare feet will feel cozy on your bathroom floor no matter how cold the Calgary winters get. Digital controls for showers and tubs can be programmed with multiple user settings, so you can get exactly the temperature and jet/sprayer settings you want for the perfect way to relax and get clean. Modern toilets cut your water use down dramatically, and science has even given us ways to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free.

It’s like we’re living in the future, even in a city like Calgary that regularly celebrates its pioneering past.

So, Calgarians, dream up the most outlandish, luxurious, and unexpected bathroom you can, and chances are a team of dedicated Calgary custom bathroom renovators can build it for you. All you have to do is ask.