Building Custom Homes in Calgary: Step 5

It’s here. The fifth and final step in our quick guide to the Calgary custom home building process. You’ve made it all the way from dreams to property purchasing to planning and construction. Your dream home’s finishing details have all been approved by you and the Calgary powers-that-be, leaving only one question: what could possibly be left?

Moving, of course!

Moving Into Your Calgary Dream Home

So, if you want to get technical, moving isn’t really part of the custom home building process, but it’s a pretty important step when it comes to actually enjoying your new Calgary-area home. We haven’t taken a scientific survey, but we’d guess the majority of our clients decide it’s a good idea to move into the home they’ve had designed and built just for them. We have a few tips that can help, too.

First, if you’re getting new furniture and other design elements to go along with your custom built home, hold off ordering until the paint is on the walls. With as much of the built-in design elements in place as possible before you pick out accessories, you’re more likely to get a lasting look you love.

Second, keep your move-in date a little flexible. While your home building team will be making sure everything goes according to your wishes and to the plans you developed, Calgary inspectors can cause a bit of a delay, and there’s always the possibility that the Alberta weather can push things back a bit.

Finally, as with all steps in the home building process, keep your eye on the prize. Moving is often listed as one of the most stressful experiences people typically endure, so remind yourself that the final result is worthwhile. When you’re relaxing in custom-built Calgary-style luxury, memories of the move will fade quickly.