Renovation Details: The Calgary Kitchen of Your Dreams

Whether you’re feeding the whole stampede on game day or prepping a candlelit dinner just for you and your other half, you want the kitchen in your Calgary home to be functional and stylish, efficient and inviting. Knowing what you want and making it happen are two different things, though, so take a look at these three kitchen renovating tips before you begin ripping out counters and cabinets.

1. Choose Materials Carefully

Making things look the way you want is a major reason for almost any renovation, but don’t get carried away by aesthetics. There are materials available in the Calgary area and the world over that can help you achieve the look you want, with widely varying qualities and costs. Use your functional demands to narrow down material types, then look for options that catch your eye.

2. Measure Early and Often

Better yet, get professional Calgary home builders and renovators to do the measuring for you. Trust us—you want cabinets and counters built for your space, and built with precision. Anything less will noticeably detract from the look and the performance of the finished product. Avoid wasted space, ugly gaps, and unsightly overhangs by making sure your kitchen’s accoutrements are custom-built for your kitchen’s space.

3. Plumbing is All About Location, Location, Location

Decide how extensive you want your kitchen renovation to be. Leaving your sink and other kitchen appliances in their current positions can make things easier and cheaper, but if you don’t end up with the kitchen of your dreams it won’t be worth the savings. If you decide to run new plumbing, you might need permits from the City of Calgary—again, professional Calgary kitchen renovators are good folks to have on hand.

Calgary Homebuilding Without the Headache

Ah, new construction. Every Calgary homeowner’s dream—a home designed for their lot, location, and lifestyle and built to their exact specifications.

It’s a dream that can all too quickly become a nightmare, though. Here’s how to keep that from happening.

Plan Your Homebuilding Project with Professionals

It’s easy to come up with a timeline for a home building a project—pull out a calendar, slap on some stickers, and presto! A realistic timeline that helps you know what you can actually expect to be accomplished when…that’s a little trickier.

Unless you have extensive personal experience dealing with homebuilding in Calgary, including getting permits from the City of Calgary, working with suppliers and vendors in the Calgary area, and getting down to the nitty-gritty of actually building a home, your timeline won’t be especially accurate or useful. Get professional homebuilders in on the ground floor to help you plan, and you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment.

Focus on the Built Home, Not the Homebuilding

When you have a health problem, you might do some research so you can ask your doctor intelligent questions and make sure you’re getting the care you need, but you leave the heavy lifting to the folks with the medical training.

Approach homebuilding the same way: make sure the home being built is the home you want, but let the professional doing the building be the one to worry about how it’s getting done. It’s your project, but that doesn’t mean you should be worrying about each individual process.

Find the right custom Calgary homebuilders to partner with, and avoid the homebuilding headaches.

Give Your Calgary Home the Makeover It Deserves

Your Calgary dream home isn’t a dream come true until the last details are as perfect in reality as they are in your head. Something as simple as the wrong colour on a bedroom wall or kitchen backsplash can make your house feel a lot less like the home you wanted, and that’s something no homeowner should have to put up with. 

Trust Your Project to Calgary Home Makeover Professionals

There are some home makeover tasks you can tackle yourself over a weekend without much fuss, especially during the sunny stretches of Calgary’s short summer months. For more extensive makeovers of your kitchen, bathroom(s), patios, and other areas, you want to bring in the professionals.

A home makeover can change from beautifying to horrifying with surprising speed without the right tools and the right know how on the job site. And unlike a personal makeover, where you can wash yourself clean and start again if things go wrong, a home makeover gone wrong can leave you seriously inconvenienced, cash-strapped, and with a potential eyesore for you and your neighbours to enjoy.

Go over your materials with your home makeover team and make sure they not only have the look you want, but also the durability and functionality that will make them positive additions to your home for years to come. You want your makeover to last as long as you’re in your home, so think in terms of value instead of just price and remember, you get what you pay for.

3 Tips for Enjoying the Renovation Experience

There isn’t a homeowner in Calgary — or anywhere else, for that matter — who hasn’t met with the stress of a renovation project. Whether it’s a minor DIY-er you’re tackling with your spouse or a major renovation with professional homebuilders, you know renovations often equal stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve been through the renovation experience more times than we can count, and we’ve put together three simple tips that can help you make it through any renovation.

Track Your Renovation Progress

Make a list of the milestones you’ll be seeing as you’re renovating. Each time an item on the list is completed, cross it out or mark it with a sticker — seriously. Something as simple as a checking off an item on a list can help keep you focused on the progress being made, and that can eliminate a lot of renovation frustration.

Remember the Rewards of Renovation

Keep magazine pictures, illustrations, tile samples, and/or other visual representations of your finished renovation handy. If you feel yourself getting stressed out by the interruption a large renovation can cause, take a moment to remind yourself why you’re renovating by checking in with your vision of the finished project.

Communicate with Your Renovation Team

Even if you’re just tackling a small project with friends and family, and especially when you’ve brought professional homebuilders in to help with larger renovations, the best way to take unnecessary aggravation out of the renovation process is to make sure your renovation team is communicating with you. If your renovation team isn’t keeping you informed, it might be time to find a crew who will!

Renovating Green for Calgary Residences

Calgary residents renovate their homes for all sorts of reasons, from growing families to kids leaving the nest, adding modern touches or bringing back a sense of historical style. But there’s one thing that almost every Calgary homeowner wants to see as part of their renovation: a commitment to greener materials, greener renovation practices, and greener living in their renovated home.

Green Renovations are Good for Homeowners and Calgary as a Whole

There are plenty of reasons for going green, and all of them are good. There’s the ethical responsibility to preserve—or even improve—our environment for future generations, the satisfaction of reusing resources that someone else discarded or discounted as useless, and the cost savings when a green renovation improves your home’s efficiency and reduces your high-flying Calgary utilities bills.

It’s little surprise, then, that green building and renovating has become all the rage not just in Calgary but across Canada. More homeowners and developers are building green from the ground up, and many others are renovating existing structures with better insulation and other materials to conserve energy, changes in design to maximize sunlight and solar power, and other green touches that help everyone breathe a little easier.

If you’re toying around with a renovation idea, make sure you consider the environmental and efficiency aspects of the project itself and the finished result. The benefits of green building and renovating are easy to see, but getting there can be harder—not every handyman or construction company has a green thumb. Make sure you get the expert advice or assistance you need, and feel good about making Calgary greener for us all!

Interior and Exterior Renovation

Malbec Homes & Renovations is involved in another major renovation in the Calgary area.  The interior and exterior of this home is being renovated, along with a deck and landscaping.   The homeowners had a short timeline for the interior work, and Malbec Homes was able to accommodate the timeline while still ensuring the quality of the project was not compromised.





New Custom Home in Calgary

Malbec Homes & Renovations is just starting a new custom home in Calgary.  Malbec was selected to rebuild this fire damage property.  The custom building project involves starting with the existing foundation but adding to it to allow for a new floor plan layout from the original house.

IMG_2424 IMG_2426 IMG_2427

Another Major Calgary Renovation Project for Malbec Homes & Renovations

Before Exterior

before exterior

Before Interior

before Kitchen

Malbec Homes & Renovations is hard at work with another major Calgary renovation project.  This project involves large scale renovations to the main and second floor, basement development and exterior work.

Two Stories, Two Stages

Renovating this two-storey, 1,700+ square-foot home in the Calgary community of Varsity ended up being a two-stage project. At first, we were hired to redo the basement, garage, and exterior, along with the roof. The clients were so happy with the results, they asked us back for a complete renovation of the main and second floors. Here’s what we did:

  • Turned a four-bedroom plan into a three-bedroom by converting a small bedroom into a luxurious walk-in closet and expanding the size of the master.
  • Redesigned the kitchen by removing a wall and the outdated sunshine ceiling, adding custom-built cabinetry and an island, and turning the front closet into a pantry.
  • Chose all the new fixtures and features, including flooring, tile, doors and trim, lighting, paint, etc.
  • Replaced all the plumbing and mechanical by cutting through the floor on the main. An unusual approach, but it was more effective since the basement had just been redone in stage one of the project.

Triple Crown Win!


Malbec Homes & Renovations has been awarded the Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing ‘Best Renovation over $500,000′ for the “Barn House”.  This is Malbec’s third award this year for this truly stunning custom-built home.  This provincial award accompanies the National and Calgary SAM awards that Malbec has received.