A Kitchen Renovation Fit for the Calgary Stampede

Game day for the Calgary Stampeders, get-togethers when the rodeo takes over the town, or entertaining family and friends during the holidays or just because: they all need a kitchen that can get the job done. With a custom kitchen renovation from Calgary’s premier luxury home builders, you can get the appliances, finishes, and layout you need to make every gathering a success.

Build a Kitchen to Rival Calgary’s Top Chefs

Double ovens? A six-burner gas range with a hood vent as powerful as it is quiet? Stone countertops with accented backsplashes that make cleaning a breeze and keep your kitchen looking stylish? If you can dream it, chances are we can build it in a custom kitchen renovation designed to meet your needs and to match your current Calgary home’s decor.

Renovating your kitchen can be as simple as swapping out countertops and upgrading appliances, and as extensive as pulling down walls and changing your kitchen’s entire layout to create more cooking space, better flow between your kitchen and living areas, and an aesthetic that’s suited to your taste from the ground up. Whether you want a minor renovation or a brand new custom kitchen, we can help give you the luxury cooking experience you deserve.

Custom Kitchens for Unique Calgary Families

They say the kitchen is the heart of any home. If your kitchen isn’t just the way your family wants it to be, a little open-heart surgery might be in order. Let us renovate and rejuvenate your family’s center, and help give you the kitchen of your dreams!

Custom Renovations When Calgary Kids Fly the Coop

Whether it’s college or a new career that has left you with an empty nest and some extra room in your Calgary home, having a kid move out means one thing: opportunity.

Sure, you’ll miss having them around, having them to cook for, might even miss picking up the piles of laundry from their bedroom floor…sometimes. But on balance, the custom home theatre or first-class workout room or private yoga studio will be worth it, don’t you think? Whether your child lives across town or somewhere outside Calgary altogether, when they’re done with the space you’ve given them it’s free for you to renovate however you want.

Reclaim Your Calgary Home With a Custom Renovation

You could turn your suddenly-free bedroom into a simple guest room, of course, but where’s the fun in that? Let your visitors crash on the couch or stay in one of Calgary’s great hotels, and let your golden years pay off in full.

Whatever you can dream, Malbec Homes can build, whether it’s expanding a master suite, installing a sauna, or wiring and soundproofing a room for you to launch your youthful rock’n’roll dreams. It’s not just your offspring’s life that’s changing; you’ve got a whole new world of opportunities opening up in front of you, as well.

So let your imagination run wild. When you’ve settled on a few of your favorite ideas, give us a call and we’ll make sure your custom renovation runs smoothly. Think of us as part of your extended Calgary family, except instead of taking up space in your home, we’ll make it up just the way you want it.

Custom Calgary Bathroom Renovations

What would make your Calgary bathroom perfect? A rainfall shower with side sprayers for that fresh-from-the-carwash feel? A soaking tub with hydrotherapy jets and touchpad temperature control? A set of dual his-and-her commodes (hey—they exist, and we’re not here to judge)?

If you have the space, or can knock down a wall to make it, we can put all of these features and more into your custom-renovated Calgary bathroom.

Calgary’s Dream Bathrooms Start With Calgary Dreamers

Indoor plumbing has been around for a couple millennia, but the things experienced Calgary home builders are able to do with that plumbing have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the innovations of the digital age. Your bathroom renovation can be a whole lot more than swapping out tiles and sinks.

Low-energy, high efficiency floor heaters with automatic thermostats can ensure that your bare feet will feel cozy on your bathroom floor no matter how cold the Calgary winters get. Digital controls for showers and tubs can be programmed with multiple user settings, so you can get exactly the temperature and jet/sprayer settings you want for the perfect way to relax and get clean. Modern toilets cut your water use down dramatically, and science has even given us ways to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free.

It’s like we’re living in the future, even in a city like Calgary that regularly celebrates its pioneering past.

So, Calgarians, dream up the most outlandish, luxurious, and unexpected bathroom you can, and chances are a team of dedicated Calgary custom bathroom renovators can build it for you. All you have to do is ask.

Renovating Your Way to a Calgary Luxury Lifestyle

Home renovations are a great way to get the custom Calgary home of your dreams in less time and at a lower cost than brand new construction. Whether you want to preserve your home’s historic integrity and charm while making some changes to suit your modern needs, or just need a few adjustments to make your house perfect, the right renovation team can help you get the job done.

Understand Each Calgary Renovation’s Possibilities

Custom construction lets you design your dream home from the ground up; with a renovation, there are certain parts of the structure that will likely have to remain in place without extensive demolition and rebuilding, which might require more extensive permitting from the City of Calgary. If you’re looking at a renovation as a simpler way to get the job done, some changes might not be worth the hassle.

Before you get your heart set on tearing down a wall or adding a new entryway, check with a licensed Calgary home building team to make sure your dreams really can come true. This will save a lot of frustration down the road, and keep you happy during and after the home renovation process.

Let Local Calgary Experts Push the Renovation Limits

Just because each renovation has structural realities to deal with doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than ideal. You want your home to be your castle, and you want a team of Calgary-based renovation professionals that are willing to explore every option for giving you the customized home you envision.

Any job worth doing is worth doing right, and that goes triple for a custom home renovation. Dedicated homebuilding professionals know how to take a renovation’s constraints and make them work to your advantage, so keep dreaming—then get a little help with the design!

Building Custom Homes in Calgary: Step 5

It’s here. The fifth and final step in our quick guide to the Calgary custom home building process. You’ve made it all the way from dreams to property purchasing to planning and construction. Your dream home’s finishing details have all been approved by you and the Calgary powers-that-be, leaving only one question: what could possibly be left?

Moving, of course!

Moving Into Your Calgary Dream Home

So, if you want to get technical, moving isn’t really part of the custom home building process, but it’s a pretty important step when it comes to actually enjoying your new Calgary-area home. We haven’t taken a scientific survey, but we’d guess the majority of our clients decide it’s a good idea to move into the home they’ve had designed and built just for them. We have a few tips that can help, too.

First, if you’re getting new furniture and other design elements to go along with your custom built home, hold off ordering until the paint is on the walls. With as much of the built-in design elements in place as possible before you pick out accessories, you’re more likely to get a lasting look you love.

Second, keep your move-in date a little flexible. While your home building team will be making sure everything goes according to your wishes and to the plans you developed, Calgary inspectors can cause a bit of a delay, and there’s always the possibility that the Alberta weather can push things back a bit.

Finally, as with all steps in the home building process, keep your eye on the prize. Moving is often listed as one of the most stressful experiences people typically endure, so remind yourself that the final result is worthwhile. When you’re relaxing in custom-built Calgary-style luxury, memories of the move will fade quickly.

Building Custom Homes in Calgary: Step 4

You’ve got the property, the plans, and the design team to make it happen. Your Calgary custom home building team also got your plans approved and all of the necessary construction permits without you needing to lift a finger. It might seem unreal that you’ve made it this far, but the moment of truth is at hand: it’s time to actually start building your home.

Well, technically, there’s usually some digging (and sometimes some demolition) before there’s any building, but you get the idea. Step 4 is all about watching your Calgary custom home come together, brick by brick and room by room.

Sticking to Your Custom Home’s Calgary-Approved Plan

You won’t have to do any of the home building yourself, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t an essential part of this phase. Your custom home builders should be checking in with you regularly to ensure things are progressing according to plan, which is important for you and when the Calgary inspectors some to check things out.

There will also be some design decisions that need to be made as flooring, counters, light fixtures, and other elements are installed. Most of these details will have been discussed with your expert Calgary home builders before construction begins, but seeing things come together can impact design decisions, and you want to make sure you get the perfect Calgary luxury home!

Sitting Pretty, Calgary Style

As construction nears completion, your dreams will be solidifying into the very real Calgary living experience you were after, making the entire custom home building process more than worthwhile.

Building Custom Homes in Calgary: Step 3

With a solid plan built out of your dreams and the right property selected, you’re ready for one of the most exciting parts of the custom home building process: sitting down with a design team seeing your dreams begin to truly take shape. A full-service Calgary custom home builder will be able to provide the professionals necessary to give you the look and luxury amenities you’re after without the need to hire outside architects. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get everything you want out of your custom home’s design:

Not All Calgary Home Building Teams Have the Same Design Experience

There are many construction companies and architectural design professionals in Calgary who have nothing to do with custom home building. While they’re probably great at what they do, you don’t want your dream home to be your design or build crew’s first residential attempt. Understanding how a living space should be put together requires specific design expertise, so work with a crew that specializes in creating comfort and luxury for Calgary area residences.

Architecture is as much art and science, and you want to make sure you find a team with plenty of experience not only designing Calgary area homes, but designing them with an aesthetic that you can appreciate. Whether you want sleek modernity, classic luxury, or something completely different, the right Calgary custom building team should be able to help.

Get Comfortable With Your Custom Home Design Team

By the time you reach this stage of your project, chances are you’ve done your homework and selected a Calgary custom home builder whose results give you confidence you can get what you want. Now it’s time to get comfortable with your home’s design team—sit down for a preliminary chat to discuss your aesthetic and the amenities you’re hoping for. The right team will make you feel right at home from the start of the design process.

Building Custom Homes in Calgary: Step 2

Every custom home built in Calgary starts with turning a dream into a concrete vision, as we explained in last week’s post. After you’ve developed your dream plans into real, buildable details, it’s time to get down to the real work, and that brings us to Step 2 of building your Calgary dream home: finding a place to put it.

Finding the Right Calgary Property for Your Custom-Built Home

Your dream lifestyle almost certainly includes some requirements for your dream home’s location—custom building can give you anything you want inside your home, but there’s always location, location, location. Fortunately, Calgary and the surrounding area has a little bit of everything to offer the region’s homeowners, from the bustle of the city to the larger lots and friendly neighbors of Calgary’s outer limits and suburbs to the more rural paradise just beyond the reaches of the city’s spread.

How close do you want to be to the action? To the folks next door? How much space do you want your custom-built home to take up? Are there any special features you’re hoping for in your home or your outdoor areas that might require special permitting, or that might not be permissible inside Calgary city limits? You’ll need to answer these questions and more—possibly with the advice of professional custom home builders familiar with Calgary’s residential property rules and requirements—to determine the best location for your dream home.

Then of course, you get the joy of property shopping. Take into account that building where there’s already an existing structure will come with the costs of a demolition, while undeveloped properties may need to have power and other utility lines constructed, wells dug and tested, and so on. Where there’s a will for a custom home there’s usually a way to build it, just be aware of these hurdles while viewing and investigating potential properties.

Building a Custom Home in Calgary: Step 1

Your home wasn’t built in a day, and the custom-designed, custom-built, custom-styled home of your dreams is going to take at least a weekend (actual results may vary). We thought we’d walk you through the custom homebuilding process step-by-step so you’ll know what to expect when you work with one of Calgary’s most trusted custom luxury home builders.

Envisioning Your Custom Calgary Home

All custom homes start with a dream, or a dozen dreams, usually added to for a decade or more until the mental detail is staggering. A good custom home builder will help you make your dreams come true, but you’ll also need to make your dreams as concrete and substantial as possible. That’s why the first real step towards a home custom-built to your desires and your lifestyle is envisioning the real details of your home.

Who lives in your dream home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do they need? Will guests be coming over frequently? Do you need large areas to entertain, extra sleeping areas for extended stays, or a space entirely dedicated to your own hobbies and pursuits? If you want your custom home to become a reality, you have to get specific—grand thoughts are great, but only real plans can be built.

Determine your dream lifestyle, and you’ll be able to answer plenty of down-to-earth questions about what you’ll need in a custom-built home. When it comes to design aspects, taking clipping from magazines or saving images you find online can be a great way to decide what you want and communicate it to your home-building team.

Once you have some concrete ideas in place, you can move on to the next step in the home-building process!

Custom Calgary Throne Rooms Fit for a King

Exteriors, entryways, and main-floor living spaces are areas that receive frequent attention from Calgarians looking to add a custom touch to their homes. What the neighbors see and the public areas of the home are important, to be sure, but there’s one room that, while a little more private, is at least as important when it comes to getting the home of your dreams.

Custom Bathroom Remodels Made Easy

Soaking tubs, waterfall showers, dual sinks, high-efficiency luxury commodes: there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom a personal touch and get the amenities you want. And who cares if no one other than yourself gets to enjoy them—it’s your house, isn’t it?

That being said, building the perfect throne room can be a kingly task, and without proper planning and know-how you can go from commanding your empire to watching your dreams get flushed down the drain. Make sure you understand the space requirements of the elements you want in your bathroom, and get some professional help to make sure it will all fit. If you aren’t prepared to rearrange a few walls, you might need to make a few compromises.

Plumbing, of course, is another essential aspect of any custom bathroom remodel. Accessibility and location are both key considerations; again, calling a professional for a quick assessment early in the planning phase can keep you from taking a bath (metaphorically!) later on. You can usually move your pipes around however you need, but it may require more extensive remodeling and permitting than you initially expect, depending on your current setup.

Call the Bathroom Remodeling Experts

As long as you have the room you need and the willingness to do what must be done with your plumbing, a team of custom bathroom remodeling experts should be able to get you everything you want in your shrine of porcelain-and-tile. Get a professional opinion before your dreams get too detailed, and we’ll have you sitting like a king in no time.