3 Tips for Enjoying the Renovation Experience

There isn’t a homeowner in Calgary — or anywhere else, for that matter — who hasn’t met with the stress of a renovation project. Whether it’s a minor DIY-er you’re tackling with your spouse or a major renovation with professional homebuilders, you know renovations often equal stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve been through the renovation experience more times than we can count, and we’ve put together three simple tips that can help you make it through any renovation.

Track Your Renovation Progress

Make a list of the milestones you’ll be seeing as you’re renovating. Each time an item on the list is completed, cross it out or mark it with a sticker — seriously. Something as simple as a checking off an item on a list can help keep you focused on the progress being made, and that can eliminate a lot of renovation frustration.

Remember the Rewards of Renovation

Keep magazine pictures, illustrations, tile samples, and/or other visual representations of your finished renovation handy. If you feel yourself getting stressed out by the interruption a large renovation can cause, take a moment to remind yourself why you’re renovating by checking in with your vision of the finished project.

Communicate with Your Renovation Team

Even if you’re just tackling a small project with friends and family, and especially when you’ve brought professional homebuilders in to help with larger renovations, the best way to take unnecessary aggravation out of the renovation process is to make sure your renovation team is communicating with you. If your renovation team isn’t keeping you informed, it might be time to find a crew who will!